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All You Need To Know About Appliance Services

Why Air Testing Is An Essential Part Of Indoor Air Quality Measures

by Johnny Jennings

Just as a well owner needs to get the well water tested every year, any homeowner who wants safe indoor air should get their indoor air quality quality checked regularly. Your AC filters can only do so much, and sometimes your HVAC system can even secretly contaminate your air with dust, mold, or other contaminants. Here's why testing is so important.

Testing will allow you to determine what your air quality focus should be

If you don't get your air tested initially, you won't know which pollutants need to work on the most. This can vary a lot because indoor air can have problems with humidity or lack thereof, chemicals from manufactured materials, pet dander or even pet fecal matter if you or previous resident have/had a lot of pets, and even mold spores or simply a lot of dust in the air. So, instead of bringing in a full artillery to pound each one of these potential problems, it's better to test the air quality first to help you focus your efforts. Then you can decide whether you need HEPA filtration, a sanitizing air filter, humidifiers or dehumidifiers, and so on. (Besides, some of these problems simply can't be treated simultaneously; you can't both humidify and dehumidify your air at the same time and expect to get anywhere, so it's vital to know what's going on before you try to improve air quality.)

Problems can change from year to year

Some contaminants can show up suddenly in your air even if they haven't been a problem in previous years. For example, if your home has a roof leak in the past year and you didn't realize how much water damage had occurred, there could be mold growing in your attic space for some other out-of-the-way location that you didn't know about, and this could be causing high levels of mold spore contamination in your home. If this is happening you definitely want to know about it before it starts giving you symptoms and making your entire family sick.

Some air contaminants can be very serious

Some contaminants come from things that happen in your home, such as when your pets have accidents or when a mold problem develop. However, other problems can come from the environment, like radon does. If you don't get your air tested, you may not realize that your home has radon gas, for example, and needs to be treated for that problem.

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