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All You Need To Know About Appliance Services

Ways To Extend The Life Of Your AC Compressor

by Johnny Jennings

The compressor is a vital part of your home's AC. If it fails, the entire unit may need replaced. Fortunately, there are regular maintenance items you can do to help prolong the life of the compressor. The following tips can help you keep your AC in good working order.

#1: Clean the coils

The simplest task that you can do yourself that prolongs the life of the compressor is to keep the coils clean. The function of the condenser coils is heat exchange. If they can't do this efficiently the entire unit has to work harder to cool your home. The coils are located on the outside of the outdoor unit. They are the screen-like grill that typically surrounds the unit. Clean them with a spray-on condenser cleaner, taking care not to bend them. If they are bent, you can purchase a device called a fin tool that can straighten them.

#2: Monitor for refrigerant leaks

The refrigerant in a home AC is supposed to be inside of a closed system, which means the level should never get low. Yet, leaks can occur. If you notice fluid that is not condensation on the outside of the refrigerant lines, or if the AC runs but the air doesn't get cool, you may have a leak. This failure to cool causes the compressor to run constantly, which wears it out. An AC technician can check your lines for leaks and replace any problem lines with new ones. Then, they will recharge the system with fresh refrigerant.

#3: Skipping annual maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to keeping the AC efficient so it doesn't overwork the compressor. Some of this maintenance you can easily do yourself by purchasing the correct AC parts. The simplest task is to replace the filters in the unit monthly during the cooling season. Use the highest quality filters that your budget allows. At the start of the season, remove the cover from the outdoor unit and vacuum out any leaves or debris that has collected inside the compressor housing, then clean the housing thoroughly before replacing it. You should also lubricate the fan and any other moving parts within the AC. For a more thorough inspection, contact an AC repair tech.

With a few minutes focused on preventative maintenance, you can ensure your compressor lasts a long time. If you have questions, contact an AC parts dealer or repair company. Talk with a company like All Appliance Parts of Sarasota for more information.