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All You Need To Know About Appliance Services

What To Do If Your Gas Burners Won't Light

by Johnny Jennings

If you've ever tried to turn on your stove to start cooking dinner and had an issue with your burner not turning on, you probably know how frustrating it can be. It normally turns on after a millisecond and that one time it doesn't, it can be such as pain. There are multiple things you can do to try to get it to light, but these things should be done safely. See below for some things you can try to get the burner to light.

Try Another Burner

Try to turn on another burner such as the one behind the one you are trying to use to get the burner to light. If that burner isn't lighting either, try the one next to it, or the one in the middle. Try the burner you are trying to use again to see if it lights. If you can't get any of them to light at all move to the next paragraph.

Adjust The Burner Cover

Oftentimes the burner cover can get twisted and the opening isn't lined up just right. Try to make an adjustment to the burner cover and then attempt to light the burner again. If you can't get the burner to light, move on.

Check That You Have Gas

Be sure that you have gas coming out. If you can't smell or hear anything when you try to light the burner, check that your gas valve is opened. If it was closed, open it up and attempt the burner again.

Clean The Burner

Give the burner a good cleaning by using an old toothbrush to scrub down the burner. Use either a mild dish detergent or you can also use baking soda to scrub these areas down. Scrub the burner cover and the burner itself. Use a needle to clean the burner holes to remove any grease buildup or gunk that could be blocking the holes. If you aren't able to get to these burner holes without removing the burner, then do so, but first turn off the gas to your stove.

Replace The Burner

If cleaning the burner and making adjustments wasn't the problem, then your burner may have gone bad. If this is the case, you'll need to replace the burner. If you aren't able to do this repair yourself, leave the work to a professional repairman. You want the repair done properly and safely, so leave it to the appliance repair man. If you want to tackle it yourself, you can find replacement parts at your local parts retailer or on-line.

You want your gas burners to light on demand, so if you are having an issue you should know how to repair it and what steps you should take.