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All You Need To Know About Appliance Services

Problems Your Washing Machine Might Experience

by Johnny Jennings

There are a handful of problems that your washing machine might encounter, and it is important to understand the types of actions that will be needed to correct these problems. While it may not be feasible to learn about all of the potential problems your system will encounter, there are some that may be more likely than others.

Clogged Drain

Your washing machine will have to hold a large amount of water if it is to wash your clothing. Unfortunately, the drain for these appliances can become clogged, which may prevent the system from effectively draining. Often, this problem is the result of lint or other debris from the clothing accumulating in the drain. In order to correct this problem, the drain will need to be thoroughly cleaned. Unfortunately, this can be difficult due to the washer needing to be emptied so that the drain can be reached.


Wet clothing can be extremely heavy, and this requires a very powerful motor to allow the system to turn these clothes so that they can be cleaned. If this motor comes out of alignment, it can start to create extremely powerful vibrations that may cause the washing machine to move across the floor. In some instances, the motor may have suffered damage due to these issues, which can require it to be replaced. While this can be a major repair for the washing machine, it will be less costly than replacing the entire unit.

Broken Control Panel

The control panel for your washing machine can be vulnerable to developing loose connections over the course of time. When the unit is equipped with a digital panel, this may manifest itself in flickering lights or a system that regularly resets. Those with analog control panels can find that knobs become unresponsive or may entirely fall off. Replacing a control panel is a fairly inexpensive repair, but you should schedule repairs as soon as the problem becomes apparent as this will avoid the panel failing when the unit is in operation.

Burning Odors

Unfortunately, electrical problems can be another issue that washing machines may experience. If these problems are particularly severe, they can result in burning odors due to wiring melting. This is an extremely serious problem to encounter, and you will need to avoid using the washing machine until it is inspected. Otherwise, you could inadvertently start a fire that could spread throughout the home. Homeowners should never attempt to repair their washing machine's electrical system as improperly done electrical repairs could also increase the risk of a fire while also creating a risk of electrocution.

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