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All You Need To Know About Appliance Services

Common Refrigerator Issues And How To Repair Them

by Johnny Jennings

Your refrigerator is the heart of the kitchen. It's where everyone heads to at every meal, between meals, or possibly just when bored. If your refrigerator suddenly stops working, the heart of the kitchen is in trouble and you need to do something quickly to get it working again. Read on for a few common refrigerator issues and what you can do to repair them.

1. Broken Door Seal

If the door seal is broken, you may have warm spots at the front half of your refrigerator. The food closest to the door may be getting too warm and might not be good for you to eat any longer. If the door seal is broken, it needs to be repaired. If you aren't sure if the door seal is broken, you can check this by placing a piece of paper in the door. Attempt to pull the paper out once the door is closed. If you cannot pull the paper out, the seal is fine. If you were able to easily pull the paper out, the seal is broken and should be replaced. New door seals can be purchased through your local appliance parts retailer, or you can look online. When you replace the seal, remove the old seal and use all of the new parts that came with the new one, including the new screws to hold it in place. 

2. No Water In The Door

If you don't have any water coming out of the reservoir in the door, it could be because the water line at the back of the refrigerator is kinked. If you've moved your refrigerator out and pushed it back in, this can occur. If you don't have a kink at the back of the refrigerator, it could be anywhere in the line. Follow the water line and check for kinks elsewhere in the line. If this isn't the problem, you need to see if there is a clog in the water line. Remove the water line and test it to see if you get any water out. Accumulations of calcium buildup over time may be to blame. Replace the water line with a new one.

3. Freezer Thawing Out

If your freezer is thawing out, you could end up wasting hundreds of dollars worth of food. If your freezer is thawing, the problem could be the temperature setting. Adjust the thermostat inside to see if it was set improperly. If this isn't the case, you could have too much in your freezer, and the overpacked items could be causing too many warm spots inside. Remove some of the food you have stored in your freezer and clean it out to see if this helps.

If your refrigerator is giving you problems, it will cause a problem in your daily life as well. Have this appliance repaired by an appliance repairman to get the heart of the kitchen working properly again.

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