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All You Need To Know About Appliance Services

Dryer Repair: How To Tell That Your Clothes Dryer Is Damaged

by Johnny Jennings

A dryer offers significant convenience by reducing the time taken for your clothes to dry. However, many homeowners don't give this appliance a second thought until it experiences an issue. But that only means you will need extensive repairs, which can be costly. Knowing the signs of damage ensures you hire the repair technician in good time to avoid extended damage to the dryer. Plus, you will have an efficient dryer at all times and cut down on dryer repair costs. 

This article highlights some instances when to call a dryer repair expert to fix your appliance.

The Clothes Take Too Long to Dry

If you suspect your dryer is not efficient, first track how long it takes to dry your clothes. In most cases, the appliance will become inefficient when its parts become faulty. When that happens, you will experience prolonged drying time. Though the increase in time may seem negligible at first, failing to fix it will only allow the issue to develop. 

This problem can result from a faulty igniter or a clogged dryer vent. Your appliance repair technician will assess the dryer, determine the underlying problem, and fix it to restore the ideal drying time.

The Drum Does Not Spin

Most people think of a replacement when the dryer stops spinning. But replacing the unit is not always necessary. The drum often fails to spin due to a broken drive belt or a faulty drive motor. Therefore, you should call an appliance expert for repairs as this issue could significantly reduce the efficiency of your dryer. 

The Appliance Produces a Burning Smell

A burning smell from your dryer is an issue you should never ignore, as it could lead to a fire if left unchecked. Usually, a burning odor means the hose is damaged or broken. When the hose is not working efficiently, the hot air produced will not have an escape path. This means your dryer is trapping in heat, which can be dangerous if you allow the machine to continue with the cycles under the accumulated heat. At this point, you should stop using the appliance and call a technician to have it inspected and repaired. 

These are some indications that your clothes dryer needs immediate professional attention. Running the machine with such faults will only cause additional damage and, finally, a total appliance breakdown. So, hire qualified appliance repair experts to maintain and repair your dryer to ensure the unit remains efficient and safe.

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