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All You Need To Know About Appliance Services

Why Isn't Your Washing Machine Draining And What Can You Do About It?

by Johnny Jennings

Your washing machine needs to drain in order for the clothing inside to be wrung out properly and to ensure the soap is getting off of your clothing. If there is still water in the bottom of your washing machine, it's a problem that you need to take care of. Not only is your clothing not getting wrung out, but it also may not be getting as clean as it should. All of that standing water can begin to smell after a while and mildew will start to set in before long. Read on for a few reasons why your washing machine isn't draining and what you can do about it.

Drain The Water From The Washtub

To start, you're going to need to drain the water from the washtub. To do this, you may be able to manually drain it out with a cup, bowl, or hose. if you have a lot of water, you can use a submersible pump. You need to get the water out so you can get to the bottom of the problem, and to be able to work on the washing machine without the worry of all of this water getting onto your floors. Once the water is drained out, you can move on.

Inspect The Washtub

Once the water is out of the washtub, you should inspect the bottom to see if there is anything stuck around the bottom or along the drain openings. Debris can get lodged in the bottom of the washtub and leave your washtub with a clog so the water doesn't have anywhere to go. This can happen when you don't check the pockets of clothing, if you have tags or stickers on clothing, or even just when small articles of clothing get trapped and cause a clog. Inspect the washtub and remove anything that could be blocking the drain.

Remove Lint In The Lint Trap

The washtub is the first line of defense to trap small items, but they can get into the drain and then get trapped in the lint trap. You may not even know that your washing machine has a lint trap, but it does. You need to read your manufacturer's instructions to figure out where this is located on your front-loading machine, but it does exist. Remove the cover to the lint trap, then pull the lint trap out. Remove the contents and then rinse the lint trap to remove the soapy residue and other buildup.

If your washing machine isn't draining, it may leave your clothing too wet to dry in your dryer, and it may smell like mildew.

For additional information, contact an appliance repair company in your area.