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Hello, my name is Kenneth Davis and I'm excited that you've found my appliance services blog. In this blog, you'll learn about buying new appliances, common appliance repairs and new appliance trends. I know a lot about appliances and it all started when I was young and the appliance man came to our house to fix the stove. I watched the appliance man as he did his job and when he was done, our stove worked like new. The appliance man made a big impact on me and after that, I read and learned everything I could about appliances. Today, I still enjoy keeping up with the current designs and features that are available when buying new appliances. I hope that you find my appliance blog fascinating and that it helps you when buying an appliance or requesting an appliance service.



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All You Need To Know About Appliance Services


Your Dryer Might Not Be Heating Your Clothes Due To A Mechanical Problem

After you have run your clothes in the dryer, you might be frustrated when you find out that your clothes haven't dried thoroughly. There might be a simple solution to the problem, or your dryer might be damaged and need to be repaired. Common Reasons for a Dryer Not Heating A dryer may not dry clothing for several reasons, such as insufficient airflow, clogged vents or filters, faulty wiring that causes an electrical short, the load is too heavy to be dried successfully by a single cycle, and other possible issues.

Appliance Repair Service: Signs Your Furnace Has A Gas Leak

A gas furnace is an ideal heating option in many households thanks to its efficiency, cost-effective installation, and easy maintenance. Unfortunately, a gas furnace may sustain wear and tear, causing it to malfunction. As such, a leak can develop within the heating unit, hindering its performance. Since prolonged exposure to a gas leak can be detrimental to your health, you should contact an HVAC expert immediately if you notice a gas smell from your unit.