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Hello, my name is Kenneth Davis and I'm excited that you've found my appliance services blog. In this blog, you'll learn about buying new appliances, common appliance repairs and new appliance trends. I know a lot about appliances and it all started when I was young and the appliance man came to our house to fix the stove. I watched the appliance man as he did his job and when he was done, our stove worked like new. The appliance man made a big impact on me and after that, I read and learned everything I could about appliances. Today, I still enjoy keeping up with the current designs and features that are available when buying new appliances. I hope that you find my appliance blog fascinating and that it helps you when buying an appliance or requesting an appliance service.



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All You Need To Know About Appliance Services

    Three Signs You Need Oven Repair

    Your stovetop and oven both see use every single day, and deal with spilled liquids, food items, heavy weights, and of course constantly changing temperatures. All of these things can contribute to the general degradation or mechanical malfunction of your appliance over time. Being aware of some of the more common signs associated with an oven that is no longer functioning as it is intended to can help you figure out when you need to get in contact with an appliance repair specialist to look at your unit.

    Problems Your Washing Machine Might Experience

    There are a handful of problems that your washing machine might encounter, and it is important to understand the types of actions that will be needed to correct these problems. While it may not be feasible to learn about all of the potential problems your system will encounter, there are some that may be more likely than others. Clogged Drain Your washing machine will have to hold a large amount of water if it is to wash your clothing.

    Forget Doing It Yourself: Here Are 3 Reasons To Have A Professional Fix Your Broken Washer

    If you're thinking about fixing your washing machine yourself, it might be time to reconsider. Here are just a few good reasons to have a professional repair your washer instead. Avoid Voiding Your Warranty If your washer is still under warranty, there may be maintenance and repair stipulations within the policy that need to be followed in order to avoid voiding the warranty altogether. For example, some warranties require that certain replacement parts are used and others are avoided.

    4 Reasons to Invest in a Residential Fire Sprinkler System

    House fires can be devastating, and families can lose all of their possessions when their home burns down. No one expects their house to catch on fire, but it happens on a regular basis. Whether you already own a home or are planning on having one built, you may want to consider investing in a residential fire sprinkler system. There are a number of reasons to have a fire sprinkler system installed in your home, such as:

    What To Do If Your Gas Burners Won't Light

    If you've ever tried to turn on your stove to start cooking dinner and had an issue with your burner not turning on, you probably know how frustrating it can be. It normally turns on after a millisecond and that one time it doesn't, it can be such as pain. There are multiple things you can do to try to get it to light, but these things should be done safely.

    Ways To Extend The Life Of Your AC Compressor

    The compressor is a vital part of your home's AC. If it fails, the entire unit may need replaced. Fortunately, there are regular maintenance items you can do to help prolong the life of the compressor. The following tips can help you keep your AC in good working order. #1: Clean the coils The simplest task that you can do yourself that prolongs the life of the compressor is to keep the coils clean.

    3 Step Guide To Troubleshooting Your Old Gas Range's Pilot Light

    If the pilot light on your old gas range keeps going out, you may wonder if there is a way you can determine what is causing the issue. If so, use the following three-step guide to troubleshooting your gas oven's pilot light that refuses to stay lit. Step 1:  Try to Relight the Pilot After your pilot light goes out, try to relight it. While you are doing so, pay attention to how many times you have to make the attempt.

    What To Know About Air Conditioning And Weird Weather

    There's a lot of debate about climate change, how it impacts the world, what causes it, and a lot of other issues that are for some reason politicized. If you're sick of the arguments and just want to know what this means for your comfort and impact on the environment, there are quite a few things that need to be done to make sure your home is energy efficient, ready for strange weather patterns, and comfortable for you and your guests.